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Digital self-monitoring service NSnappy®

NSnappy is the most comprehensive self-monitoring service for
professional kitchens on the market, helping you monitor
the level of food safety in your kitchen from load arrival to waste –
beyond the confines of your kitchen. This means that you can
do your job better, more safely and more efficiently.

The benefits of NSnappy® for your professional kitchen:

Manage the quality of food and customer safety

Digitalized and automated self-monitoring allows you to monitor critical control points and hygiene levels in your kitchen from load arrival to waste generation.

Know in real time what is happening in your kitchen

Move on from manual monitoring to a fully digital era. Up-to-date information on self-monitoring tasks is available in real time, and the measures are traceable.

Do away with extra costs

The predictive maintenance enabled by the service reduces food waste and equipment energy and maintenance costs.

Take everyday action in responsibility

NSnappy delivers on your company’s responsibility promises by making everyday responsibility actions measurable. You can also use this valuable information in customer communications.

Improve the employee experience

When the eclectic practices of self-monitoring are replaced by clearly managed activities, and routine tasks are automated, your employees can spend their time charming the customer and you can be a better boss.

How NSnappy® works

NSnappy is your digital companion for managing the implementation of your self-monitoring plan, taking into account all critical control points (HACCP) in your professional kitchen and their levels of complexity.

Lead with a digital self-monitoring plan

Self-monitoring temperature, hygiene and cleaning tasks, as well as limit values and alarm criteria, are recorded in the digital NSnappy service. Updating information is quick and easy, and the updated information is immediately available to everyone.

NSnappy tells employees what they need to do

Having the tasks and their instructions defined in NSnappy ensures that the tasks are carried out frequently enough and with the right methods and tools. The results of the measuring instruments are automatically transferred to NSnappy.

Track performance indicators and savings

Up-to-date information on tasks and alarms is always available in real time, traceable and shareable. The safe management of critical control points in all daily routines can be verified at the site and chain level.

Manage all self-monitoring tasks with data

Asset 6
Hygiene and cleaning tasks
  • Timed hygiene and cleaning tasks
  • Measurements of surface hygiene tasks
  • Records of cleaning tasks
Temperature measurements
  • Food reception checks
  • Spot temperature measurements
  • Sample measurements
  • Dishwashing temperature measurements
Automatic temperature monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring in dry, cold and freezer storage facilities
  • Cooling control
Food waste
  • Waste records

Discover the NSnappy® system and devices

NSnappy® cloud service

The easy-to-use, visual and clear digital service guides the performance of self-monitoring tasks and provides comprehensive self-monitoring reports in no time. The service works in the browser without the need to download an app.


NSnappy® hardware

NSnappy’s wireless IoT instruments are quick and easy to use in the busy everyday life of the kitchen. Designed to withstand the rigors and extreme temperatures of a professional kitchen, the instruments work seamlessly with the NSnappy cloud service.

Get NSnappy®

Join the forefront of smoother kitchens.

Prices start at:

€ 29,90 / month

VAT. 0 %

Contact us:

Manu Aittoneva
Sales Representative
 +358 40 085 8827


Niko Yrttiaho
Sales Representative
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Tuomo Röppänen
Sales Manager
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Jori Lukkari
Sales Director
+35840 159 5533

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NSnappy suitable for?

NSnappy is designed for self-monitoring in professional kitchens and food production. It is also ideal for use in the cleaning and sanitation sector.

What are the benefits of NSnappy for kitchen professionals?

The service turns self-monitoring into a clearly managed activity to ensure food and customer safety. Automating routine tasks frees up time for other important tasks.

What are the benefits of NSnappy for professional kitchen management?

The real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting help to anticipate and improve operations. The service makes it easy to share the same information with everyone.

What size restaurant / professional kitchen is the service suitable for?

The service adapts to the self-monitoring needs of each business, so it is well suited to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small cafés to chain restaurants.

What is included in the service?

The whole package! NSnappy includes a digital self-monitoring service and heavy-duty wireless measuring instruments, either rented or purchased for your business. Our customer support team will help you if there is any need. We also provide installation and training for the commissioning of the service.

Can I tailor the service to my restaurant’s self-monitoring plan?

Yes, and you definitely should. Our experts are always willing to spar to help you get the most out of the service and ensure that it meets your goals.

How can I get to know the service?

Contact our experts to book a demo. We would love to hear about your needs and show you how NSnappy can help.

How much does NSnappy cost?

The prices start at €29.90/month (VAT 0%). The price is determined by factors such as the number of locations and measuring instruments.

How can I get NSnappy for my company?

Call or message our experts: contact information.